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NTX Giving Day: Help Us Raise $15,000!

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One of our current focuses involves community outreach and support. In June 2022, we created a partnership with an independent rescuer who is able to evacuate dogs out of several very horrific backyard breeding situations in their community. This independent rescuer has been able to build relationships with these individuals, get them to surrender their dogs, then we step in to help with medical care, rehabilitation, and rehoming. To date, we have pulled 26 dogs from this property. 6 are now living healthy and happy lives in their forever homes, while the rest remain in our care (now known as The Backyard Bunch). Bonnie (9yo poodle mix) gave birth to a litter of 11 puppies in August 2022. Bonnie's body showed us just how much she had been succumbed to by her backyard breeders, as her body was so ravished from giving birth throughout her life that it was unable to labor correctly and she needed an emergency c-section. In addition to her destroyed reproductive system, her age and premature birth created the perfect storm and 2 of her 11 puppies were born stillborn. Over the next 48 hours, 7 more joined their siblings across the rainbow bridge. Two sweet babies continue in the fight of their life, and we are right beside them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bonnie's babies will forever leave footprints on our hearts, and we will continue to fight to END backyard breeding in their honor.

Our first NTX Giving Day goal is to raise $10,000 to support the continued medical needs of The Backyard Bunch, and future dogs that join the Love & Paws family in 2022. The Backyard Bunch has resulted in the need for treating 18 ear infections, 15 dental cleaning and some with extractions, 3 heartworm treatments, 2 orthopedic surgeries, 1 skin infection, and 1 emergency C-section, along with their standard basic medical care of 30 sets of vaccines, 26 microchips, and 24 spays/neuters. This group of dogs has accumulated almost $20,000 in medical bills. Achieving our goal for NTX Giving Day would help our organization financially cover the remaining two orthopedic surgeries, vaccines, microchips, heartworm treatments, and dentals needed to finish getting these dogs healthy again.

Our second NTX Giving Day goal is to raise $5,000 to support a brand new group of 4 piglets! Zack, Cody, London, and Mr. Moseby are now living the "suite life" with Love & Paws Rescue. At only 3 weeks old, they were separated from their mom way too early, were being carried around by their legs, and living a life of desocialization no animal should have to endure. We were able to rescue them and are learning each and every day what it takes to care for farm animals! These funds will assist in covering the supplies utilized to create appropriate pens for them, including feeders, hay/straw, food, enrichment toys, and more, in addition to their veterinary care needed prior to adoption.

Thank You to Our Match Donors!


Charlee's Match Donation!

Texas Leisure will match dollar for dollar donations up to $2,000 to celebrate Charlee's birthday. Charlee is a Love & Paws alumni!

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Rainey's Match Fund!

Elazad Ventures will match dollar for dollar donations up to $1,000 in honor of Rainey's two year adopt-a-versary. Rainey is a Love & Paws alumni!

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